Current Members

Anowarul Habib

TEK 3.047

Group Leader / Acoustic Sensing and Imaging labDepartment of Physics and TechnologyCampus Tromsø

Frank Melandsø

TEK 3.068

Professor / Ultrasound, Microwaves and OpticsDepartment of Physics and TechnologyCampus Tromsø

Komal Agarwal

TEK 3.045

Komal Agarwal is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Physics and Technology at the UiT The Arctic University of Norway. She had completed her Ph.D. from Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore in the year 2020. Her research interests lie in the area of materials and polymer science, ranging from theory to design to implementation. She works on developing applied functional polymer materials and her current research insterest lies in designing transduers for acoustic microscopes and their applications in field of biology

Post-Doctoral FellowDepartment of Physics and TechnologyCampus Tromsø

Hussain Rizvi

TEK 3.056

Research TraineeDepartment of Physics and TechnologyCampus Tromsø

Debadarshee Das Mohapatra

TEK 3.056

Research TraineeDepartment of Physics and TechnologyCampus Tromsø

Nur Mahammad Mussa Kalimullah

I joined the Department of Civil Engineering of the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT-G) as a full time PhD fellow in the specialization of Structural Engineering. Mr. Kalimullah has several novel contributions in applied research in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) by ultrasonic techniques. My research interests include the analysis of elastic wave propagation in solid media using data-driven and deep-learning techniques. I have published several original research articles in scientific journals and conferences.I am an Associate Member of American Society of Civil Engineers (AMASCE) and student member of IEEE.

PhD StudentDepartment of Physics and Technology

Daniel Hansen

Staff EngineerDepartment of Physics and Technology

Former Members

Shubham Kumar Gupta

Software Developer, OLA ElectricIIT Guwahti Alumni

Himanshu Singh

Program Associate, Consumer and Credit Risk ManagementWells Fargo

Nitin Yadav

Senior Software EngineerElop Technology

Shivam Akarte

Data Analyst 1Epsilon

Kaushik Shukla

R & D EngineerDG Takano, Osaka Japan

Prakhar Kumar

Digital Design EngineerCeremorphic

Vidhanshu Kumar Jain

Optical EngineerBluebinaries Engineering and Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Vikram Agarwal

EngineerThornton Tomasetti.